Winding up the Printwear Shop Tune Up with Erich Campbell

Fifth and last day of the Printwear Shop Tune Up with Erich Campbell at It Takes a Stitch. It was both long and short at the same time. I will miss the undivided attention of a Master.
You should all be able to read about it in the September issue.

This was the experience of a lifetime! Erich was insightful and sensitive of my needs and full of knowledge, solutions and great ideas, more than I could have ever imagined. It was worth every minute. I started with a To Do list partially complete and needing help to refine and focus my business, attract the right customers, and increase profitability. We did a lot of work this week and there is a lot of work to do. My Old To Do List was replaced by a New To Do List. I was stalled without a clear way to proceed, but now there's CLARITY and I feel empowered. It Takes a Stitch will be more focused and fun at the same time.

We even got a chance to have dinner together with a group of local embroiderers and a walk around the monuments.

Thank you, Erich Campbell for everything!
Thank you, Celeste, for sharing Erich for the week!
Thank you, Printwear for sponsoring this contest.
Thank you, HoopMaster - Embroidery Hooping System for the generous gifts to round out my Mighty Hoop stock. I already loved the hoops, and now I have more to love.
Thank you, DecoNetwork. I'm excited to give your product a chance to improve my business. 
Thank you, Madeira USA for the package full of samples and pens. We tried several and I'm looking forward to try some more.Did you see the monogram in FS Metallic?
Thank you to my current local and online friends and colleagues in the embroidery industry for giving me so much support during this time. 
Thank you to my customers who waited patiently for their orders while I worked on It Takes a Stitch. I hope you benefit from the work.
Thank you, Pizzeria Orso for a great networking dinner venue. 
Thank you, Mike, Maura CassidyMatt Cassidy, and Michelle Cassidy

June 25, 2016

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